Support & FAQ

In this section we try to answer the most frequently asked questions about Rocketfeed. If you have issues that are not covered here, please contact us via email, Facebook or Twitter and we'll try to respond to your questions as soon as possible.

What exactly is Rocketfeed?

Rocketfeed is a newsfeed reader application that runs in your favorite web browser. It enables you to access your RSS or Atom and even your Facebook and Twitter streams news through a single, beautifully designed cockpit.

Do I have to pay for a Rocketfeed account?

No, Rocketfeed is free to use.

How can I sign up for a Rocketfeed account?

Just hit the "Sign up" button at and provide the needed data. Your account will be instantly ready after successful form submission. Additionally you can sign up for Rocketfeed with your Facebook account. Hit the facebookish "Connect" button at You'll be redirected to Facebook and asked to grant Rocketfeed access to some personal data from your Facebook profile such as first name, last name, email and so on. Just confirm and you'll be sent back to Rocketfeed where your account is waiting for you to work with.

How can I cancel my Rocketfeed account?

While logged in, move the cursor to your e-mail address in the navigation bar and select "Profile" from the dropdown menu. Hit the "Delete account" button and confirm that you really want your account to be deleted. Please note, that there is no possibility to restore your account settings once it got deleted.

How can I get in touch with the Rocketfeed team?

We're really looking forward to hearing from you, the experiences you made with the rocket, suggestions for improvement or simply a nice holler. You'll find the feedback section here.

Can I use Rocketfeed on my tablet?

Rocketfeed is currently optimized for use on desktop computers and tablets. However, we plan to release native tablet apps in the near future.

Can I use Rocketfeed on my smart phone?

At the moment, Rocketfeed is not optimized for mobile web browsers and we strongly advise against using Rocketfeed on your smart phone. Rocketfeed mobile apps are already in the making though.

I tried to add a feed that doesn't seem to work. What can I do?

There are tons of possibilities of formatting a newsfeed stream and although we are continuously working on our parsers to fit any possible markup, there will always be some feeds that slip through the cracks. If you've found a feed url that doesn't work as expected, please provide us with some feedback so that we can further optimize our software.

How can I advertise on Rocketfeed?

We are working on an integrated advertising platform, that enables you to run and manage your ads while floating through space. So far, we can only offer individualised advertising solutions such as sponsorships and header integration. Be the first to be informed: sign up for our newsletter, drop us a line by mail or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.